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Credit Card Processing



The Myth about merchant services is the thinking that reducing-rate is the key to saving money. Education, understanding, proper equipment, and customization all play a role in your total overall cost.

Visa and Mastercard have interchange rates that every processor, large or small must pay. These rates can not change and large payment processors cannot negotiate these rates lower than Merchant Associates. Since we have much less overhead while still maintaining a direct relationship with Visa/MasterCard, you have found the right company to process credit cards. And unlike the competition, we keep our customers by letting you keep more.

With our online account access site you can retrieve information online 24/7 with the ability to:

- Reconcile deposits

- Retrieve deposit information

- View and print detailed activity reports

Merchant Associates offers advanced equipment to meet individual business demands. From terminals and check readers to imagers   and printers, Merchant Associates provides superior equipment from top manufacturers. We can assist our merchants in choosing the right equipment to fulfill any transaction processing need. Merchant Associates offers reliable equipment with the latest technology and software that ranges from processing simple transactions to providing wireless technology and Internet accessibility. Merchant Associates is committed to providing our merchants with quality equipment to make business transactions easy and convenient.





The FD300 is designed for operations that have more than one business at the same location, and "the FD300 is an all-in-one device that supports multiple payment types."

The FD300 is ideal for professional businesses needing to keep track of sales from separate businesses housed at the same location such as a dentist or doctor office. Its multi-merchant capability allows the merchant to designate which business the sale is applied to at the time of purchase with one terminal.

The most technologically advanced POS terminals in the industry today.



Other features of the First Data FD300 include a large, easy-to-use color touch screen display; fast downloads via IP with dial-up as back up; terminal/printer combination; future availability of built-in, full browser support; the ability to accept virtually all payment types; five USB ports to support a full range of peripherals; two RS232 serial ports and the option for Wi-Fi.

The FD-300 terminal is an ideal solution for merchants who require the latest payment processing technology. This top-of-the-line terminal delivers superior performance, reliability, expandability, ease of use and advanced security tools.

If offers true 32bit processing, a 1/4" color VGA touch screen display, 64MB of combined memory, USA expansion ports, is Wi-Fi enabled (optional) and has a fast, integrated 3" wide thermal printer.

- Large, easy-to-use color touch screen display

- Windows® CE operating system

- Ultra-Fast Transactions using Internet Protocol (IP)

- Built-in 3” wide thermal printer

- Multi-language capability

- Low maintenance requirements

- Adapt to future payment systems

- Fast downloads via IP with dial-up as back up

- Accepts virtually all payment options

- Complete diagnostics for support and installation

- 32 MB Flash/32 MB SDRAM memory

- 5 USB ports, 2 serial ports, phone and modem ports for current connectivity and future expansion

- High quality manufacturing designed for durability

- Wi-Fi enabled (optional)



If your looking to upgrade your current credit card equipment, then now is a great time to comparison shop for a merchant account. First Data Independent Sales is a leader in the industry. Request a rate quote for a new merchant account and find out how much you can save...

A good choice for merchants wanting the latest technology has to offer with option of expandability and ease of use.




The Hypercom T7Plus is designed for merchants requiring a compact countertop POS terminal which accepts all magnetic stripe cards and delivers fast, online transaction authorizations.

The T7Plus delivers more - with peripheral acceptance of contactless RF cards and fobs. With its 35 or 19-key configuration, it initiates daily functions and transactions with one simple step.

The T7Plus utilizes the SureLoad® printer which allows simple paper roll replacement - paper rolls can be dropped in place without time-consuming feeding through slots and rollers. The printer also supports longer paper rolls for fewer paper changes and its see-through paper holder alerts cashiers to low paper conditions.

The T7Plus is customizable. It's the first of its kind to offer bi-lingual screen displays. Big 5 Chinese and English can be shown simultaneously, meeting the needs of Chinese-speaking merchants and cashiers.



- PED Certified

- All major certifications - please see our website for the complete listing



- General Retail

- Multi-merchant

- Restaurants

- Pharmacies

- Grocery stores

- C-stores


Product Data:

- Compact design — Available in 35 and 19-key configurations

- "One-touch" feature — Allows common functions at the push of a button

- Multi-merchant feature — Up to 20 unique merchant IDs in one terminal

- Value-added application support — Check, loyalty, EBT and prepaid applications

- Large paper roll — 2” and 3”, 80mm paper roll for more transactions

- Trusted & stable — Low failure rates

- Modem — Up to 56K

- Contactless payment — External readers support for cards and fobs

- Security — Boot lock feature protects against unauthorized reloading

- Visa PED — Optional, integrated PINpad model available


Simple, Easy to Use Features:

- One-touch capability initiates all daily functions with one straightforward step, which makes for easy operation and reduced training times

- SureLoad thermal printer design alerts cashiers to low paper conditions and allows paper to be simply dropped into place, which eliminates paper jams

- Full-featured, secure terminal management system including local or web-based options

- Industry-leading software includes the functionality necessary to introduce value-added opportunities to the merchant in an integrated application.


Fast, Time-Saving Performance:

- Fastest dial transactions in the business

- Download remotely in a fraction of the time to load other terminals with an optional 56K modem

- For deployment, use the terminal “cloning” feature with a fast-load cable to download terminals even faster. Use a multi-loader to download up to 12 terminals simultaneously!

- Graphics-capable thermal printer produces receipts in half the time of previous generation printers, which allows merchants to print logos and coupons directly at the POS.



Wireless Credit Card Processing!

With a dependable and powerful performance, the NURIT 8000 is able to operate in the most hectic conditions and demanding markets. Easy-to-use, compact and lightweight, it is ideal for those on the move.


Ongoing, Effortless Transactions Ensured

    - Web-enabled, wired and meeting EMV specifications, the NURIT 8000 portable allows ongoing communication.

    - Customer-activated payments can be made securely and on-the-spot with the NURIT 8000?s features, which include an optional touch screen and electronic signature capture, smart card reader and PIN pad.

    - The NURIT 8000 includes a thermal printer to avoid paper jams and assure continuous error-free transactions.

Managing Multiple Networks

The NURIT 8000?s management system, The NURIT Control Center, can control numerous networks of distant terminals as well as the management of varied applications that are market-specific. The Control Center, both easily customized and scalable, is able to support back-office functions for rapidly-changing markets. It also features simplified data storage and collection, downloading capabilities and remote diagnostics.


Standard Features

- Built-in, internal PIN pad

- Quiet, graphical thermal printer

- Bi-directional, dual track magnetic card reader

- Rechargeable batteries

- Easy-load paper mechanism

- HW/SW support for GSM, GPRS, Mobitex, CDPC, DataTac & CDMA

- LCD display, graphical, large and back-lite

- Built-in radio modem

- Muli-application support

- 18-button, ergonomic keypad with programmable quick keys


Optional Features

- 6MB of memory

- Touch screen for electronic

- Two SAM modules

- Signature capture

- TCP/IP protocol support

- GSM radio modem and headset for voice communication

- Infrared unit to download a wireless PC and transfer data between terminals

- Docking station for modem, interface for external devices, battery recharge

- Bar code and check reader

- 3rd party application-supportable (notepad, address book, etc.)


- Graphical, back-lit, PDA-size LCD display; touch screen is optional
- Dual track, bi-directional tracks 1 and 2 magnetic card reader; tracks 2 and 3 are optional
- Ergonomic, 18-button, back-lit keypad

- Fast, powerful 32-bit RISC (ARM7) microprocessor

- Six-month minimum data retention
- 2MB flash memory, Max 4MB memory for S/W
- 512 KB batter backed up with user data RAM (including RAM disk); can be extended to 2MB

Communication Capabilities
- radio modem (Built-in)
- Wireless
- Hardware and software support for a wide range of cellular networks including the dual-band (tri-band is optional) GSM; features headset connector, which can be used with a mobile phone as well as GPRS, CDMA, CDPD, DataTac, Mobitex
- Internal antenna
- Optional - infrared communication (IrDA) for short-link cableless communication (up to 30 cm)

Telephone-Line via optional External Modem or Docking Station
- 14.4 kbps dial-up modem for communication via telephone (33.3 kbps optional)
- Complies with FCC part 68 and TBR 21
- Synchronous and Asynchronous protocols, which include HDLC
- CCITT V.22bis and V.32bis; Fast Connect

TCP/IP protocol
- For telephone line, wireless, and direct cable applications


Programming Features
- Compressed application downloading via radio modem, IrDA, RS-232 or phone line
- Compatible with existing NURIT applications
- Multi-Application Operating System
- SDK (Software Development Kit), easy-to-use API, debugging tools and application libraries

Internal built-in PIN Pad (Optional)

- Designed to meet EMV Level 1 and Level 2 specifications
- RS-232 port for external devices
- Built-in ISO 7816 Smart Card Interface (Optional)
- Smart Card features
- Up to two accessible ISO 7816 SAMs located under the battery pack

- Graphical thermal printer, Quiet ; fast 12.5 lines-per-second
- Multi-language character/font support
- Easy-load paper mechanism and out-of-paper detection
- Standard 21/4? (57 mm) wide paper, 24/40 characters per line
- Multi-language character/font support

- Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery pack with protection circuitry
- Car charger option
- Over 200 transactions per charge and 12 hours operation



VERIFONE’S Omni 7000LE is a powerful consumer-facing device that supports debit, credit, loyalty, EBT, and WIC transactions. It is an intelligent and attractive solution — featuring a level of technology, functionality and durability that is ideal for today’s demanding multi-lane retail environment.


The Omni 7000LE's familiar ATM-style interface, large display and vertical swipe card reader make it easy to use and help to minimize entry errors. The ergonomic keypad features an optional branded overlay and hardened plastic, laser-etched keys that, unlike soft rubber keys, can easily withstand the wear and tear of continuous use.


Plus, Omni 7000LE terminals are a perfect fit with existing Everest cabling and stands — dramatically cutting installation time, disruption, and expense. The Omni 7000LE offers unsurpassed security via simultaneous residency of single and triple DES keys that are preloaded at the factory. This feature allows retailers to meet today's security standards — and ensures they're ready for future mandates without the hassle of shipping equipment back to the manufacturer for key reload.


For added reliability and convenience, the Omni 7000LE is fully compatible with existing Omni 7000 series hardware and software applications. It’s an ideal solution for retailers looking to quickly and easily introduce new, cost-effective functionality without having to start from scratch. As an added bonus, consistent styling and ease of operations means that the Omni 7000LE compliments the look and feel of other Omni 7000 series devices that may already be deployed.


Benefits At A Glance :

- Supports debit, credit, loyalty, WIC and EBT

- Proven Omni 7000 magnetic stripe reader with highest read rate accuracy in industry

- Eight line display is largest in its class

- Rugged design to withstand rigors of retail environment

Features & Benefits:

- Triple serial ports allow hassle-free integration with most ECRs, as well as a broad spectrum of peripherals such as bar-code scanners and check readers/imagers.

- 4 programmable hotkeys place more transaction control at the customer's fingertips — speeding the entire payment process and eliminating unnecessary clerk interaction.

- Vertical oriented magnetic stripe card reader with oversized lead-in area ensures easy operation by the customer.

- Single multi-port cable design means less clutter on the counter.


Technology For Today That's Ready For Tomorrow:

- Meets current California Financial Code, Section 13082 requiring tactile key pads.

- Configured with the latest security features, including 3DES encryption, Master Key/Session Key, and Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) key management, plus it’s Visa PED approved for PIN-based transactions.

- Both the magnetic stripe reader and key pad are rated for over 1 million transactions — guaranteeing years of reliable and trouble-free service



The Intelligent Choice:

- Easy, cost-effective migration from legacy products, such as the EverestPlus, because of compatible cables, power supply, and stands.

- VeriFone's unmatched quality and reliability means trouble-free usage for years.

- Includes 3-year all-inclusive warranty for added peace of mind.


Designed to replace a cash register, the First Data™ Retail Solution helps you manage inventory, track sales, control costs, improve customer service and better guide business decisions. The First Data Retail solution consists of three components: a personal computer at the POS, a software package that handles inventory and customer management and a system that allows you to process a variety of payment types.

Additional Station Components Include:

- Posiflex All-In-One POS System

- 15-inch Touch Screen Flat Panel Display with 1024 x 768 Resolution

- Posiflex Thermal Receipt Printer

- Standard Size Steel Cash Drawer

- Built-In Mag Stripe Reader

- Symbol Barcode Scanner

- Verifone 1000 SE PIN Pad

- Optional Pole Display

- Optional Zebra Barcode Print



- Intuitive wizards for easy implementation

- Product support from trusted companies, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard

- Touch screen functionality

- Real-time, customizable sales activity and inventory reports

- Retail-tested hardware for optimal performance in the most demanding locations

- Automatically generate purchase orders based on reorder points and restock levels



- Speed up check-out time with built-in transaction processing

- Check prices, inventory availability and stock location with ease

- Create tailored sales and marketing programs to increase sales

- Eliminate time-consuming, paper-based tracking

- Decrease the amount of time spent on store operations

- Prompt cashiers regarding cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for increased average ticket sale

- Track customer visits and purchase histories to offer more personalized service

- Identify sales trends in every department and category to optimize stock levels





The VeriFone Omni 3750 in standard Dial-up or Ethernet credit card terminal provides all the features of the VeriFone Omni 3740 but with the added feature of an integrated smart card reader. It packs all the performance and processing capabilities you need into a compact, ergonomic "hand-over" device that can be easily passed to customers for PIN entry. The convenient, all-in-one design of the Verifone Omni 3750 combines a mag-stripe reader, smart card reader, internal PINpad, and quiet, fast thermal printer. This makes the terminal easy to install and keeps your countertop clutter-free. And because it runs VeriFone's Verix multi-application architecture, you can support more than just electronic payment transactions. Value-added applications like pre-paid phone cards, loyalty programs, gift cards and age verification can help improve customer service. In addition, a user-friendly ATM-style interface and large backlit display simplify clerk training and minimize costly errors. Buy your Verifone Omni 3750 from USA Merchant Solutions and get 4MB of memory, making this one of the most powerful credit card machines available. All of which makes the Omni 3750 a very smart choice—today and tomorrow.



- Easy to use

- Plug-and-play terminal is simple to install and even simpler to use.

- Bold, stylish profile conserves counter space and is ergonomically designed so that the Omni 3750 can easily be handed to customers for PIN entry or other input.

- Intuitive ATM-style interface, large backlit display, large keys, and easy-to-read menu prompts reduce clerk training and minimize user errors.
- Integrated, high-speed thermal printer with "clam shell" design features drop-in paper-loading, to virtually eliminate jams. A flashing LED alerts clerks to low-paper levels.

- All-in-one design includes vertical magnetic-stripe card reader, integrated smart card reader, internal PINpad, and integrated thermal printer to support a full range of payment and value-added applications.

- 32-bit processing and multi-tasking capabilities provide for maximum customer throughput.

- The exceptional graphics-handling of the Verifone Omni 3750 allows you to efficiently display and print logos, graphical fonts, and character-based languages when needed.

- VeriFone's SoftPay software supports payment requirements tailored specifically for your environment—whether you run a retail shop, restaurant, or mail-order business.

- Modular design allows certain features to be field-upgraded in the future, further protecting your investment.

- Support for all VeriFone PIN pads, check readers and smart card peripherals allows you to expand options as your payment needs evolve.




The First Data FD100 credit card terminal is perfect for any small business looking for affordable functionality. This touch screen terminal combines reliability, performance and security in an all-in-one POS solution. With the FD100, you get one of the fastest and most secure touch screen credit card terminals available.


Help Improve Your Bottom Line :

- Accept all major bank and credit cards

- Keep infrastructure costs low with a terminal and printer combination

- Reduce chances of lost connection and lost sales


Deliver Superior Customer Service:

- Improve your customer wait times with faster transaction times and a quick printer that speeds through text, bar codes and graphics

- Utilize Customer Fraud Protection functions such as customer, merchant and report truncation features.


Easy-to-Use Technology:

- Intuitive Touch Screen Display for ease of use

- Fast terminal downloads using IP or dial-up over a standard 56K modem

- Easily supports both IP and dial-up with secure socket layer (SSL) encryption

- True 32 bit Processing - ARM 920T 32 bit CPU core

- Drop-in paper-loading system is quick and hassle-free



- Verification and processing capabilities for ATM, Debit, EBT, and check payments

- Fast printer capable of 15 lines per second

- IP capability with dial-up as connectivity backup

- Compact design

- Durable keys

- Touch screen capability with 128 x 64 graphics LCD display

- Merchant-friendly “one touch” feature for daily functions

- Three-track magnetic stripe reader

- Contactless support

- 64MB RAM standard memory

- Five USB ports

- Address verification service

- Batch history

- Simplified support and installation - 3” wide thermal roll printer









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Whether you are a retailer, mail order company,

or e-commerce business, we can provide your company with fast and cost effective payment processing. The benefits incude:


  • Low processing rates.
  • Easy transition with most POS systems and terminals.
  • A secure payment gateway for real-time processing on your website
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Free online sales tracking & reporting.
  • One statement for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express