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Added Revenue, Improved Cashflow,

Customer Satisfaction...

Just a Few Reasons Banks Are Choosing

Merchant Associates.




Your commercial banking customers are looking for solutions that help streamline their business operations and improve profitability — solutions like payment processing and ACH services. When your bank is unable to offer these value-added services, customers are forced to find outside resources, which could pose a risk to your long-term relationship.

With Merchant Associates Fee Income Partnership your bank can offer a variety of cost-effective Point of Sale merchant services — making it easier to attract new customers while helping you retain existing ones.


With Merchant Associates, you can offer customers:

- Immediate credit card processing via a point-of-sale terminal

- A web-based terminal for easy manual transactions

- The ability to accept all major credit cards

- Online reporting and management of their transactions

- Superior customer service and tech support


Generate New Revenue Streams While Maintaining Control of Cashflow:


Many banks are looking for alternative revenue streams to help boost profitability. When your commercial customers sign up with Merchant Associates, your bank receives fee income every time those customers complete a credit card sale! With Merchant Associates Fee Income Partnership, we handle installation and all aspects of payment processing — your bank simply enjoys the benefits of an additional source of revenue and strengthened customer relationships. What’s more, your bank will experience improved cashflow from increased sales deposits.

Providing your customers with ACH services from Merchant Associates can also boost revenue. Added benefits include ACH from a customer’s account instead of waiting for a check.


Contact us today and see why small and medium-sized banks are increasing customer satisfaction and adding new revenue streams with card processing and ACH services from Merchant Associates.










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Whether you are a retailer, mail order company,

or e-commerce business, we can provide your company with fast and cost effective payment processing. The benefits incude:


  • Low processing rates.
  • Easy transition with most POS systems and terminals.
  • A secure payment gateway for real-time processing on your website
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Free online sales tracking & reporting.
  • One statement for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express